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5 ways to create conversion on your E-Commerce website

There’s nothing that rewards better from an increase in traffic than getting more conversions. You may be great at gaining followers on your social media pages and get many clicks to your website, but how many of those are actually converting and completing a desired action?

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5 new technology predictions to look out for in 2020

The pace of technology innovations is creating so many opportunities for businesses and customers that will advance our future. Think about how far we have come over the years and the history of the web, let alone new inventions that are going to change our lifestyles!

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5 reasons you should use Shopify for your E-Commerce start-up

Now there are many platforms that are well known alongside Shopify, such as WooCommerce and WordPress; they are all good and bad in their own ways. This blog post will cover the main benefits of using Shopify and why it is something you should consider if you don’t already use it. For those who do use it and are reading this, you may find some more tips that you were unaware of!

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